Custom Built Wellness Website

Completed: Spring 2019

Ultimately impressed with our initial redesign, Bridging the Gap Wellness approached me for a second redesign during their rebranding phase to Rollie Allaire, Holistic Wellness & Life Coach. This second redesign took place after a different designer had failed to deliver what the client needed.

  • This was a rush job, completed in less than 1 week, built from the ground up in Wordpress.
  • Client wanted a cleaner, easier to navigate website with a built-in virtual learning setup.
  • Client wanted a stronger role for her signature feather.
  • Check out her Shout-Out!

The Right Tools Powerpoint

Completed: Spring 2019

The client wanted to polish up one of her old powerpoints, to make her presentations more fresh and appealing.

They have asked to remain unnamed.

Recruiting Flyer

Completed: Fall 2018

A University Faculty member approached me to ask for a one-page flyer which will be recruiting for a new program that they were running.

They have asked to remain unnamed.

  • This was a rush job, completed in 2 days.
  • The flyer should be bold and include the colors of the University prominently to match up with the rest of their booth at the event.
  • The flyer should be informative and appealing, including one or more images to catch attention.

Wellness Website Redesign

Completed: Fall 2018

Bridging the Gap Wellness was seeking a new look after a drab design was delivered to them by a previous designer

  • Redesigned in Wix.
  • Client wanted a more appealing design utilizing watery colors.
  • Client's signature feather was brought to the forefront of their design.
  • Client wanted clear communication and consistent response times.
  • Read her review!

Arches Pamphlet

Completed: Fall 2018

An educational group approached me to make a bi-fold pamphlet advertising their yearly symposium on Kurt Lewin and his contemporaries.

They have asked to remain unnamed.

  • The pamphlet should be a 6-page bi-fold pamphlet.
  • There should be a theme that plays to the strengths of the educational field.

Images and Stock Photography

Images can be located or custom created for projects, websites, and more.

  • Use photographs on your own terms.
  • Let me find the perfect image for your project.
  • Take professional photographs of you and your business.

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