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"You must walk a mile in their shoes."

Walk a Mile in Someone's Shoes

I noticed a need - they say that's the moment you have stumbled across a business opportunity - but the need I noticed was one that I was bewildered how it could not be easily filled.

A lot of people around me who worked with web designers and virtual assistants were upset that their chosen assistant simply could not or did not grasp what they were trying to do.

It's as if they just didn't get it.

Some of my friends would call it quits, while others simply continued working with those who they didn't vibe with. When I had to work with one of them on a project, my friend commended me on how much easier it was to work with me than it was to work with her usual VA - because I took the extra effort to not only understand what she was trying to do, but to get behind her and support her all the way. I had soothed her need to be heard, to be understood; to really get and wholeheartedly support her cause.

I wondered how you could be in this job and not make an attempt to connect.

My grandmother once mentioned to me - when I was fighting with my brothers over some toy - that I had to take the extra effort to "walk a mile in their shoes". I didn't quite understand at the time, but the lesson has given me much over my short lifetime.

I realize now that what I did that was different than other VAs and Web Designers was that I really took time to "walk in the shoes" of my clients. I would sit down and really get a grasp of where they were, what they were needing, and how they wanted to approach it. I would go beyond, keeping an eye out for useful facts and information that might benefit my clients, all the way down to looking for job and speaking opportunities for them. I met them where they were, physically, mentally, spiritually, and wholeheartedly, and I was always on their side.

Let me be in your corner

My name is Niki, and if you'd like, I'll be in your corner - your backup, your comrade-in-arms. I am extremely good with a computer, and have done everything from research projects to social media launches to helping plan an event in a foreign country. If you have a question, I'm your gal.

When I'm not being a busy-bee...

I love video games, and you can often find me on the PC, whether I'm working or not. During the precious few moments I'm away from my PC, I can usually be found singing, reading, sewing, or crafting up some new project I discovered recently. (I'm a self-starter, but I'm still learning how to become a self-finisher for long projects like crocheting an entire king size blanket.)

On the weekends, I play Dungeons and Dragons, and work on my spiritual and mental balance through meditation, talk therapy, healing stone work, aromatherapy, and more.

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Nikitia Maul