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INFP - The Helper

Hi, my name's Niki. I work with small business owners who need someone to take tasks off their plate that are weighing them down. This helps folks like you free up their time and energy to do what you do best — while I handle the ho-hum of the background goings on.

This does mean I wear a lot of hats at once, but I can switch back and forth between graphic designer, editor, assistant, and social media manager swiftly and elegantly. Plus, that means you won't have to.

So, as a natural-born helper, I have to ask...

What kind of help do you need?

Web Design

Whether you're looking for a brand new launch, a bit of a face-lift for an old site, or even troubleshooting on an existing site, I've got you covered. I have experience with the most popular website builders out there, and have built several websites from the ground up.

Virtual Assistant

Small business owners have a lot of hats to juggle, and often there's simply not enough time in the day for a small team. I can help expand your capabilities by taking on the menial work and help you categorize, organize, and prioritize your workload, and even take some off your hands.

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